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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I had a blog way before this one. I have about sixty hotmail accounts due to my love of change, so I have no idea what I signed up with. I'm silly, I don't write things down. I reckon I must think that I'm Super Woman sometimes. I believed that my memory would hold the email address and password I used, and the other sixty I've used to sign up to other things; myspace, facebook, all that. I can think of countless times where I've arranged to do something with someone and not wrote it down, purely because I've thought; I can't possibly forget that; and then forgot it, and had a lecture to recieve, and a falling out to follow. This time I've wrote the email address down, and the password. So, no forgetting! For once. :)
Some blogs on here are shit. If you make one, it's most probably because you wanted some way of sharing your life with other people, because you think the events that take place in it are interesting enough to make a good read. But there's some that are literally just like...
"got an a on my history report and im going to the cinema later with ben. katie's really stressing me out lately and my mom and dad are too. anyway gotta shower catch you later bye."
What the fuck is that.
I'm making this, in the hope that it can provide at least a little bit of entertainment. And maybe, that after reading a bit, you might know a bit about me, the life I live and the people in it. Sometimes it's good to read about a complete stranger. It gives you a break from your own life, and if you find similarities with yourself and somebody half way across the globe - that's quite cool too. After writing this I hope people do actually read it, or won't I look like the most foolish girl ever, ever? Not that anybody will know that I'm foolish, because nobody will've read it.

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