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Monday, September 14, 2009

How Lovely Is This?!

I've almost got 30 followers and two lovely girls have given me an award! & Thank you both of ya! This is mega good news. I almost gave up blogging on here a bit back you know, because I didn't see the point if nobody read my blog. I'm glad I didn't - people actually do now. I really appreciate everyone that is giving me feedback on posts and stuff. I know it might be a little sad but whenever I get a comment from someone on a post, I get a little excited :D Ha ha.

(19th September) -
I'm just adding this bit now, something I forgot to do earlier... And I need to do it before I write my next blog: Tag people who I would give these awards to! I don't know how many blogs I have to tag, so I'll just tag some of my favourites! - I love this blog. I think she has what makes a great blogger: life experience, character, and wit. Her blog's really interesting, and the subject's of her posts are rather emotion-evoking too. - Her blog just shows that some great writing talent can often go unnoticed. She has very few followers, but she should have more. She puts words together beautifully. - I really like this girl, she's 15, doesn't seem it at all, and reminds me of me two years ago, when I was the same age. Plus... Amazing hair. - Kind of like an inspiring blog to me I guess! I want the settled down family life and secretly, I would love to be a "stay-at-home-mum". Even though I won't be able to because of lack of money, it's still fun to read about someone who can!

I get to tell you seven things about myself now!

1. My real name is not Pixie. Oh come off it, you knew that? If my real name was Pixie I'd well be famous by now. Pixie Geldoff, Pixie Lott, etc. Okay, there's only two that I can think of but it does seem to be a very famousy type name. My real name is rather boring and average, I don't use it on here because in previous posts I've talked openly about my rape, and now I'm talking about my pregnancy - If anyone I knew stumbled across this, well, those things aren't exactly common knowledge. So yeah, I'm a big secret. (Although I'm rethinking all this, because a clever birdy told me I've nothing to be ashamed or embarassed about - and it's true!)

2. I live in the North of England. My accent is a bit common and horrific. Think of Chanelle from Big Brother, if you remember her, she was the "Posh-Spice lookalike". If you know who I'm on about we're on the right lines... That's my voice!

3. I suffer from random bouts of depression and I have one now. Most of them are caused by the poor relationship with my mother. We were really close when I was a kid and as soon as I hit my teenage years we didn't get on at all. She wants me to stay here and have my boyfriend move in when the baby is born, but I'm secretly trying to go about getting our own place. (I didn't want to claim benefits at all, because I think it's cheeky, but I've kinda got no choice now, it's really unhealthy to stay here.)

4. I went to five schools all in all, and... three colleges now. Problem child alert.

5. I've become an Ebay addict this week! I had 60 quid in the bank and it's gone, all of it, gone gone gone. I do have a great excuse though: I wanted to get out all my compulsive buying unneccasairy items urges, before I have to start buying important stuff like a crib and a pram... And a house. I got some yellow Dr. Martens. My boyfriend said I'll look like Bob The Builder.

6. I can't sleep in any bed apart from my own, even though it's the most uncomfy thing since a matress made of razor blades. I get used to little things and slight changes.. they knock my system.

7. My Grandma took me shopping when I was younger and said she'd buy me a Barbie. There was a Barbie in the shop I was drawn to, which wasn't really a Barbie at all, she was different and ace. She was pale with red hair and freckles and it said her name was Kimmie on the box. I'm a big fan of individuality. Kimmie's my favourite name for a girl, and I didn't even realise why until I found the doll again! It's my boyfriend's favourite too. Evelyn's our second favourite name for girl, no deep childhood-linked reason though, we just like it. :)

Oh, PS: Barbies. This woman is obsessed with them - She makes me chuckle.


  1. You need to tag people! If you want :)

    I kind of figured your real name was Pixie because of where you're from--I assume people have cooler names in Europe than in America, lol--but I guess I was wrong! lol. You should be honest, there is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about :) However, there is a difference between being honest to the WORLD and being honest to select people, like a privacy reading list. :)

    I used to not be able to sleep in any bed but my own either, but that was when I was often depressed. Considering you said you're going through that now that might be contributing to it as well, besides being pregnant which naturally calls for comfort and familiarity. Now that I'm happier and calmer I can sleep anywhere, even on the floor :)

    Def. going to check out that Barbie website, I used to LOVE barbies! I had ones of all races/hair color/etc :) Growing up I NEVER saw color, and even now sometimes if someone asks me what ethnicity someone is that I had just met, I can't even recall!

  2. Congrats on the awards. It does feel good, right? :) I got two in two weeks and I felt so special, then I ran out of time to write because I suddenly got a life and now I feel all guilty for not writing about them!

    I had the same problem with my mom, as well. Weird how that works. They just want us to continue thinking the sun shines out their asses and not develop our own sense of person.

    But we love them anyway. Love your blog. :)

  3. It's fine to not use your real name--everyone knows mine now, but I started out anonymous to protect my kids' privacy, since they didn't get any say in whether or not I told the world about them smearing poo on the walls, or playing naked soccer on the front lawn. But you're right, you have nothing to be ashamed of! Do what's best for you--with your name AND with your mum.

  4. Ebay is great! It's about the hunt!

  5. I'm soo addicted to your blogs and I totally agree Kimmie is such a cute name

  6. hehe.. nice blog.. but there is one thing .. i really dont expect anyone to read my blogs .. let alone comment on the damn thing. but when it does happen i too go like.. yeppie.. someone actually typed all that down.. but i was thinkin that makes it like chasing the carrot tied around a stick thingie. you keep chasing something that you were'nt after in the first fucking place. so was thinking of getting the comments link off of my blog. but then i decided to keep it thinking that what if friends wanna say something.. you gotta let there be some space for that.. necessary evil i guess. guess that makes blogging soo darn addictive of sorts.

    My sis used to play with those barbies and i used to wonder why. after reading your post im still wondering why.. seriously ..

    kimmie sounds like a nice name. but if you were in norway or some place in the vicinity that would make a boy's name... does kimi roikennin ring a bell??

  7. Glad you bought a few things for you while you still can!

    I've found, after working my way to top blogger status on MySpace, then coming to start over on Blogger, that the way to get readers is to read and comment as many blogs as possible. I read the blogs of those who read mine and I think a lot of people do.

  8. ah thats great news! It took me ages to get any followers and i nearly gave up too now i currently have 23 followers and i always smile when i read a comment that someone actually took time out of there day to post. Great blog x

    For all things fashion:

  9. When i was little I really wanted a matchmaker magic mulan doll... and my grandma bought me one. yeah, she spoiled me. but i loved it. hahaha.

    oh and ps... that barbie music video gives me the heebie jeebies. hahahaha

  10. Thank you for your comments everyone. Haha the barbie video, me too Eppy!
    Nitin: I have no interest in or reason to ever visit Norway. It's cold and I don't know the language. My real name's variant is a bloke's name, but I don't care. I know plenty of women called Jamie and Ashley and I'm sure they don't care either! So it's all good bro :)

  11. Thank you!And yes Harmony is my real not even joking

  12. Thanks so much for the tag! Being a stay-at-home mum isn't always what I thought it'd be, and some days I'd love to go back to work and let someone else deal with the kids!!

  13. Thank you so much for the tag(s.. are both of those awards? lol)! I especially love what you wrote, I should start doing that too. :)

  14. congratulations on getting those awards!

  15. Tagged you love, for an award.

    You so deserve it, but read my blog anyways to find out who else I tagged, k?

    much love!

  16. Thank you so much for that comment :) It really means a lot when someone says lovely things about something that is very personal to yourself.
    Its those kind of things that make me want to write (&& also that Im obsessed and can't help but write all the time)
    Thanks again :)

  17. Kimmie is a lovely name...congrats looks like lots of nice things happening here..great.

  18. thank you so much for following me :)

  19. Hey, I'm really sorry to hear about your rape, but it's great that you're pulling through it. Blogs are the best for spilling secret thoughts.

    Love your blog, I'm following.

  20. Congrats on the award and thanks for the add! :)

  21. Haha, I just realized who you are!
    You changed your picture on me :P

    STILL, congrats on the award.

    And just FYI, the name Pixie = Yay