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Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm Livid. What A Prick!

I wanted this post to be a huge update including pictures and all sorts, because tons has been going on lately and I've been taking tons of pictures, but I am livd - so this is just a rant, I'm afraid.
My boyfriend finally told his parents about the baby! (Thanks Heavens for that.) They were actually okay about it. Our next job was to tell everybody else, so I Facebook announced it, to save time really; I'd be able to tell everybody together that way. I sat there biting my nails, feeling very sick, dreading every single reply. BUT, to my shock, people were lovely. I'll paste actually, but not all of it, there were 67 replies in total. Not one of them bad though.

Pixie and Bambi would like to announce... We're having a baby :)
16th September at 21.31 ·
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Eeee, congrats babeeee. Loveyouu xxxx omg congratulations hun im really happy for you both think u will be a fantastic mum xx I agree with her xx Bloody hell lass! SERIOUSLY?! OH MY GOD!! congratssss xxxx Congratulations x Thank you for all the congrats everyone x :) I'm still waiting for the terrible reactions... eeeeeee! im so happy for you both! this is going to be one b-e-a-utiful baby for some strange reason i feel all excited for you haha cant believe this is happenin 2 one of my old best mates well congrats x :)That went good :D haha Congrats even though I said it ages ago glad the reactions have been good :-) you will be great parents x you'll be sensational parents.

Great ey? Couldn't ask for better. I went for a few days thinking there's gonna be someone who has to be prick. But nobody was a prick! We went to a party and we got gifts given! Eleven days passed and I assumed everyone knew and had said what they wanted to say, which was simply "congratulations". I thought I'd been lucky! But there is always one. There's always a prick. Always always always. And it's usually someone you never expect to be one and all the people you expected to be nasty were nice. I was in two minds about uploading the scan picture, just because I didn't know if it was too private to upload, but I thought a lot of people who'd been getting excited would love to see it. I got a new phone last week that takes really good photos and I finally got them on to the computer today, and they looked even better on there. I'd obviously taken a pic of the scan photo to have on my phone, so I uploaded it tonight in a really happy album with smiley pictures of me and my boyfriend in it. I was in a happy smiley mood. Not for long...
Within seconds...
Friend: It looks like your boyfriend :P x
Prick: Are you joking Pixie*?!!
Me (not seeing the other thing): Hehe yeh - like a little alien! xx
Friend: exactly what i was thinking :D :D :D xx
Prick: im just thinking stupid.
Me: Am I joking about what?
Prick: Having a bloody kid at your age... just stupid.
Friend: Haha be happy for them man, there happy and so is every1 else, if u think its stupid dont comment it then?
Prick: Well we'll just wait and see to what happens in the future ay.
And the anger kicked in. I had to ring boyfriend to let off some steam and tell him what had been said. He was like "Right then, turning on the computer, logging in, facebook, right."
Boyfriend: Right then. We will see what happens in the future won't we and by my mind it will not be very good for you. If you ever upset her like this again I will destroy you.
I wish he hadn't closed it with such a line as "I will destroy you", because that's a bit daft and mellow-dramatic and just gives way for the prick to take the piss, but I did rather like the protective aspect of his words. ;)
I replied, remembering the quote I'd read earlier: "Rise above the storm and there will be sunshine," whilst thinking to myself, I'd like to roll with the thunder a little bit too.
Me: He's not upset me bambi! (my nickname for him) We rise above this :P I know exactly what he predicts for our future. And way to go for him, putting us in with the "young parents stereotype" - Yeh I can see it all now, what close minded people like him think. They think me and you will split up by next year, they think we'll be on the dole, they think we'll be nasty to our kids and probably be massive chavvy mongers. But we know different don't we baby, so don't be doing any destroying ha! And you, Prick, don't ever think it's okay to write something disrespecful and heartless on the first ever photo of my child.
(To none British people - the dole is like... I don't actually know, I just know you get called a "dole dosser" if you're on it. It's some money you claim off the government if you don't have a job, and most people on it are said to be lazy arses who do nothing but sit on their arses all day. And a chavvy monger would be presumably one of these people.)
Friend: Delete all these silly comments? :) This picture is happy times and needs good comments :D :D :D x
2nd Friend: That guy's a dick, man!!!! Lolss! I'm really really really really really REALLY!!!! happy for you both! I know you'll be AMAZING parents!!!! : ) xxxx
3rd Friend: I hate this guy because of these comments. I also can't believe I'm about to agree with --- but you should delete these comments. This is a happy picture for a happy time. Just because he properly won't be able to get a chance like this, being a pathetic little twat that he sounds, doesn't mean that he has to ruin yours. X x
As soon as I read that last comment I thought, that's nice, but all he's gonna say to that is something along the lines of "Yes I will get a chance like this, but I'll be older and wiser and have more money." Here was his reply:
Prick: yes i dont want to have this chance of having a child at the age of 17 ide rather wait till i had money to support and have lived my life to the full. And please dont destroy me Mr. Schwarzenegger :S
How hilariously predictable people are. And then my friend... She's great, but she has a mouth on her I tell ya...
3rd Friend: I meant having a child at all, you fucking idiot. So yeah they may not have planned this child, but they aren't abannoning it just because of their age or money issues. YOU want to wait, YOU think they are being stupid. They ARE NOT you. So back the fuck off. Now.
(Actually babe, we did plan it, but I'll let you off as you are on my side).
I felt at this point I had to take control, it was 3am and I was getting increasingly pissed off at the fact I couldn't sleep. (I can never sleep when someone's been rude to me and I haven't said exactly what I want to say.) I kept checking the comments on my phone and when I saw his last little speech, I thought okay my turn, I'm better at these. I turned my computer back on.
Me: I take it that means you think I've not lived my life to the full? Of course I haven't! I'm seventeen like you said, I'd like to think I've got a good few years left in me yet pal! I'm having a baby, I'm not committing suicide. My life doesn't end because I'm a mother, it gets better actually. I'll be living my life quicker than you. What's your plan exactly? If I'm stereotyping you, you'll waste 4 years at university to come out with a job you coulda had already if you'da gone straight to work, a huge hangover and tons of debt. To be honest, I see what I'm doing as cutting out the crap bits and getting to the good stuff. I didn't want to go to uni, I want to be a singer or a writer and I probably never will be, but I don't need some stuck-up place of education place to tell me that. And the best mothers I know didn't have a penny when they had their kids - it's love and affection that makes a good parent, not a big detatched house or a great car and five holidays a year. Get a grip on reality.
That was all. I think everyone, unlike me, is probably tucked up in their bed sleeping soundly, so I won't recieve any replies until tomorrow. Well, later today.

Why do people have such issues with the way other people choose to live their life? This prick, he'll have kids eventually. So he'll do what I'm doing, but he'll just be of a different age. Why is it such a hard concept for him to grasp that this is the way I wanted my life to go?
I haven't been able to see any similarities with myself and most other teenagers I know for ages. I like make up and I like clothes, and I pay interest to them, but I look past them in terms of what's important to me, because I know there's more to life. I like books and music but I don't swamp myself in these things - they don't keep you happy forever. Passing exams and gaining qualifications doesn't keep you happy forever. It makes you feel good about yourself for a while, as does looking nice, but at the end of the day we all want the same thing, we all want love and we want happiness. (Unless we're complete psychopaths who hate the whole human race.) I want to start a little family, I don't see the problem with me going out and getting that very thing when I'm able to. I grew up way too fast, so at age fourteen I felt the age I actually am now. For me to have a baby at seventeen, funnily enough feels like the right age for me, I feel like I'm in my mid-twenties. When your eyes are opened to the harshness of the world quite early on in life, as you get older it becomes apparent how easily you can waste your life, because you know you've only got one shot to get it right. I look at some grown women and I think wow; inside I'm more mature than you. I might not talk it, look it, or even act it, but I know my outlook on life and the lessons I've learned are beyond my years. Why am I doing all this explaining? Now I've had one negative reaction I'm paranoid that everybody else is harbouring some secret hatred towards me for what I'm doing as well!
Its not that I'm obsessed with what people think of me as a person - I don't give a toss. It's when people who don't know me dare to have a go at me for something I've said or done. Notice how all the friends were nice and backed me up straight away? I know that's their loyal duty, but they know me don't they - so they understand me and my boyfriend aren't the typical seventeen year old couple. This, I'll say for the last time, PRICK, he saw me at that primary school reunion I went to last month, and that was the first time he'd seen me in about 6 years. He doesn't know anything about my odd life and my odd ways - so for him to pass judgement is just fucking out of order!
And... I'm done now. It's ten to five.



  1. You do not owe an explanation to anyone. I'm 39 years old and will always regret never having a child. I thought I was doing the smart thing in getting my life in order first...and then time got away. Now the girls I know who were pregnant in high school and college have kids that are almost out of high school...and they're ready to enjoy their later years. It's actually perfect in the long run, from what I've noticed.

  2. Wow I didnt realize you were 17. While personally it couldnt be me and I dont fully agree with teen pregnancy, I would never comment negatively about it to someone. While yes I believe a child could wait, I understand some people are much more ready to take that challenge on much younger. And like Steph said, time gets away. No one who wants children wants to regret not having them and clearly since you planned the baby, youre mentally ready. I wish you the best of luck dear and dont listen to the jerks. As long as you and your boyfriend are ready for the bundle of joy thats coming thats all that matters!


  3. good mother of god.. that prick was really mean basterd.. forget him. its like he matter.. block the guy on facebook and del his entries. that should take care. dont get soo worked up.. he doesn't deserve that kinda attention.. ignore him..

    congrats on the baby. you never know what is there instore for you in the future. no one has that right to tell you what is right or not.

    Never have doubts about your decisions, keep hope and faith. and forge ahead. That is all there is to life.

    I still can't stop thinking about that jerk. feel like belting the crap outta that creep.

    But anyways. god bless you, your boyfriend and the new member in your family.

  4. Ran across your blog today and think it is precious! Congrats on the baby!

  5. If it was me, I'd be blocking that twit! Sometimes people who have nothing in their lives think that being nasty makes them look smart, when it actually makes them look petty and stupid and self-important. Keep doing what you're doing. The best advice I got on having kids was: "If you wait until you can afford it, you'll NEVER be a mother!"

  6. Knitwit, I absolutely love that advice!

  7. Don't let people like that get you down. If your happy, then who cares? Hahaahaa "I will destroy you" hahah. Bambi's awesome;D

    ( so are you!)

  8. Oh yeah! Congratulations on the baby! Im sure he or she is going to be beautiful!

  9. I had my kids young, and am so glad I did! I get to play with them. REALLY play! I'm 28, and they are 9,8 and 7. We have a BLAST together!! I don't understand why people would want to be 60 when their kid graduates from high school. My youngest is in 2nd grade which means I'll be 38 when he graduates! I love that idea!! We'll still be young when we have a kid free home again!!

  10. Everyone has an opinion.. gotta shake it off sometimes.

  11. this reminds me of what a wonderful, wonderful woman once said:

    i'd rather be a mother than anyone on earth,
    bringing up a child or two of unpretentious birth.
    i'd rather tuck a little child all safe and sound in bed,
    than twine a chain of diamonds about my carefree head.
    i'd rather wash a smudgy face with round, bright, baby eyes,
    than paint the pageantry of fame or walk among the wise.

    that guy is indeed a prick. i'm nineteen, and i honestly envy your ability and courage to be able to have a baby at your age. if i could, i probably would do the same (my boyfriend has to go on a mission for two years before we can get married --we're mormon). anyway, good on you. i'm very glad that i stumbled upon your blog and i do sincerely wish you all the best. ♥

  12. Don't worry about that guy (it was a guy,yes?) Be happy because your in a obviously loving relationship and your gonna have a baby! *Awwww!* Congrats! :)

  13. You are correct, there is always someone who wants to rain on your parade.. I know cause it is happened to me too. More times than I would like to count. Sorry for you. Stay strong. xoxo


  14. First off I got married at 19 and had a baby at 20 (the birth control didnt work haha) and that is all people ever told me. That I was too younge and stupid. But first off, its because these people are ignorant. A baby is a blessing and everything happends for a reason. Ignore that person and be happy because this is one of the most special times in your life. I would love to just sit and chat over some hot tea :)! Brush this person off and stick with your real friends!!!
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  15. Your baby, your choice, as long as your happy everyone else should be happy too :) i bet your baby will be healthy and beautiful just like you :)I also reckon theres more chance of that prick living on the dole and being a chav, he needs to get a life love! anyways congrats on the baby, all the best, Marina xx