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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My 12 Week Scan!

The day finally came. I reached the safe mark! Time had been going slow when I'd been longing for it to hurry up, and fast when I'd been thinking oh my god - slow down! Just reading this blog from start to here is proof of how quick it's all gone. I cannot believe that a few months ago I was putting my beloved other half through hell and myself through even worse. It's a distant memory now. Today was the day of my 12 week scan. The first time I'd get to see my lovely baby.

I had to drink a pint of water an hour before and even though my bladder is a weak as anything, I started worrying that I wouldn't need to wee. (You have to need a wee for 12 week scans; full bladder or no scan.) We got to the hospital, which is not my local hospital, because my whole family had a really traumatic time there in the maternity ward when my niece was stillborn, so I requested a hospital a bit further out, but not too far. I clobbered in with my manic bright red hair and my big fat skater shoes and thought they'd point me over to the children's ward. "Oh, your head's bleeding, it's turned your hair an awful shade of crimson! Children's ward that way little girl!" The lady on the reception there wasn't judgemental at all, which is always good I guess. She just asked me to take a seat and wait, quite plainly, hardly looking at me, completely uninterested - wouldn't have it any other way. I didn't exactly wanna be looked up and down. There was this lady of around 30 next to me waiting for her scan, she was there a bit earlier than me. She was one of those middle class types who can't help but look down their big nose at anyone that's not... them - well she seemed it. When the lady at the reception asked me if I was waiting for a scan and my name, the funny woman looked at me like I was a pile of dog poo! Then started fidgeting in her seat uncontrollably, clearly really annoyed they'd asked me first when she'd been sat waiting before me. Gosh, some people. When they asked her name you should've seen how snappily she replied. She had a lollable name though. Ha. My boyfriend just whispered "Bloody hell, eager beaver int she?"

When I was sat down waiting, I uncrossed my legs and realised I did need a wee. Ten points to me for that. A young woman called me in for my scan. I was so giddy with nerves I could barely contain myself. I laid down on the bed-thing shakily and rolled my top up like she asked, commanded my boyfriend to move the chair nearer so he could hold my hand. She put this hot gelly stuff on me which made me tingle, haha. Then she started rubbing the thingamybobba on my belly. (I wish I was more educated about pregnancy, but my no clue about anything attitude entertains my mum and co.) She said straight away that she could see a heartbeat and that I was indeed 12 weeks pregnant, pretty much bang on. (11 weeks and 6 days). Everything was healthy and well! I giggled like a bit of an idiot at everything. I was genuinely over the moon. When she showed me the screen, oh my god! I could see my baby moving around. Nothing can prepare you for that feeling! Seriously. You watch it on telly on soaps and stuff, I think they under-act it! I was hysterical with happiness, I could've literally got up and done a dance and screamed hallelujah. Maybe it sounds silly, but I felt this instant sense of protectiveness and love that I'd never felt before. It was so cute, the baby kept putting it's little arms above it's head and wriggling it's legs about! Dancing :) My boyfriend had gone teary eyed and I'd gone super over excited. As soon as the scan was over he looked at me and told me he loved me. It's a rare thing in my life to have a "perfect day" but this was close enough.

I asked for five scan pictures :) She gave us all different ones. There are some truly amazing ones. I guess they're not as amazing to the people I've shown, as they are to me and my boyfriend - when you know it's your bambino... It's wonderful, you can't stop looking at these alien-like pictures. On one of them you can see the baby's heart! On another, you can see what looks like little feet. Wow. I'm going to go to my sister's house sometime soon to use her scanner, but for now I've had to do my old method of taking a picture of a picture. I couldn't not though! The picture I've put on this blog is my favourite picture out of the lot, most definately. You can tell when I'm happy, because I overdo it with the exclamation marks! See, it's like an addiction when my mood's good.


  1. Congratualations on being pregnant and glad it went well. Thanks for the follow.

  2. Thanks for the follow!

    SO excited for you :)
    I know you must be relieved to have reached the "safe" point. Congrats on everything :)

  3. Thanks for the follow too and congrats on the bambino, hope it all goes well! x

  4. Wow, you should have the pictures as your title banner thing. They are always really beautiful.

  5. Congratulations :) :)
    You must be so excited!
    I can't wait for further updates, take care.
    Joanne xxx

  6. Wow!! Thats so exciting. I have a niece due in October. I can barely wait for that... can't imagine how exciting it must be for it to be your very own child!! Congrats! Looks precious!

  7. Your 12 week scan was on the same day as my birthday :}